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Mora 24.09.2019
Yes. Me too. Of course you will notice someone you're attracted to sometimes. Sometimes you might even do a little internet search. But that's not what's happening with the grand majority of people today. I remember in the 90s hearing men say stuff like, "I only look at porn once-in-awhile'. That's not how men are interacting with porn or women anymore. And when I'm in other topics like about politics or whatever, I can't seem to read an article where people aren't specifically talking about how women look even when the topic has nothing to do with how women look.
Dilrajas 17.09.2019
Nos encantó tus fotos de pies, acabamos mucho
Daizil 24.09.2019
Also - now that cancer faker bitch is cancer free... she took tuesday morning off with "car trouble" and this morning off with "a sudden personal loss."
Akinodal 24.09.2019
i need utter movie link please.